I had just turned five and received my first box of crayons and a handful of paper on a flight from China to America. This was not only a journey to my new home but also a journey to being an artist.

It was after this first encounter that I was then introduced to art in my youth at the Children’s Aid Society after school program, East End Arts Summer Camp, Fiorello LaGuardia Hight School of Music & Art & Performing Arts, and finally, the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Art was key to my grasp of the world around me. Drawing, painting, and sculpting would help me communicate with others, establish relationships and provide an avenue of self expression and identity.

I come from a family of teachers.

My mom was a children’s TV producer, teacher and clinical worker. My aunt Marie was a music teacher, and my aunt Rose and six of my cousins are elementary school teachers. It is their love of children and learning that has inspired me to follow in their path by creating and illustrating my stories and encouraging young children to tell theirs.

You can find the books I’ve worked on here.

You can reach me by email at yangabriella@gmail.com.