Yan Gabriella Peropat 

My journey as an illustrator began on a flight from China to America. I had just turned five and received my first box of crayons and a handful of picture books from my mother. Children’s book and animation films were key to my grasp of the world around me both linguistically and culturally. Listening to stories and creating them helped me communicate with others, establish relationships, and ultimately, provided an avenue of self-expression and identity.

Paper art is a medium I recently returned to after a classical education in the fine arts and illustration. This medium appeals to me in its depth and multi-cultural aspect. Unlike oil painting which has a European connotation to it, paper art, on the other hand has the origami feel of Japan, the vibrancy of Mexican piñatas, the silhouettes of France, and the paper cut art of China. In this way I feel a real connection to an art form that is multi-cultural, which I find is another reflection of myself, who is also multi-cultural. I was born in China, but raised in an Italian- American family in New York City.

The stories I tell usually capture moments of joy, pleasure and wonder. I draw whimsically and my illustrations take on a dreamlike quality. Fairytales and nature continue to inspire me, no doubt stemming from the delight and love I felt for them as a child.

These days, my feline companion Mei Mei (“little sister” in Chinese) and I are completing a collection of paper cut illustrations for my portfolio, and finishing cover designs for clients like Simon and Schuster.


The Interchurch Center Galleries 2016 - The Enchanted Universe of Children's Book Illustration

Society of Illustrators 2015 - New Visions Show

Society of Illustrators 2015 - Artist Illustrating Artist Show

East End Arts Gallery 2011 - Juried Print Show


Simon & Schuster

Sports Fishing Alliance

J&J Sports

Children's Chinese Book Garden

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Eric Peter Carlson

A Simple Feast

You can reach me by email at yangabriella@gmail.com.